Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sponsor Showcase

This is the red carpet day for all of my wonderful, beautiful, and super cool sponsors. These ladies stuck with me through the month of October and I just want to share them with you today. Plus, they wanna share some things with you! They are contributing to a colossal giveaway! (that is such a funny word, right?)
Check these ladies out, visit their blogs, and enter this giveaway!

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Now let's meet the stars!

Courtney from Chase All Your Dreams

Some things Courtney enjoys include:
Baking, crafting, DIY, singing, & laughing.

Chase All Your Dreams is a lifestyle blog about Courtney's life inside & outside of college.

Courtney's dream is to travel the world and to be an actress. Go girl, go!
You can find Courtney on the blog, kickin' it on facebook, tweeting on twitter, and snaping shots on Instagram.

Next up....

Dawn from Dawn's Disaster

Some things Dawn enjoys include:
Singing, cooking & baking, spending time with the Beanie Babies, and coloring.

Dawn's Disaster is a family-friendly blog about family life and Dawn's random thoughts (Which are quite great I might add)

Dawn's dream is to go back to Austria. 
"It is such a beautiful place, so strong in music and art history."
If you are wanting to get a feel for what Dawn's Disaster is like, check out
The New Oatmeal Raising Cookies! or any of the
Super Sunday Sync hops.

Find Dawn on the blog, chillin' on facebook, and tweeting on twitter.

Jane from Taingamala

Some things Jane enjoys include:
beach hopping (lucky), crafting, playing board games, cooking, & baking.

Taingamala is a lifestyle blog focusing on being newlyweds, life married to a US Army soldier, making life and love work one duty station to the next, making military housing a home, crafts, recipes, and more!

Jane's dream is to move to Texas, buy a house, and start a family.

Here are just 3 awesome posts to get you started at Taingamala:

Find Jane on the blogchillin' on facebookand tweeting on twitter.

Misty from Monkeys and Tutus

Misty enjoys spending time with her crazy (her word not mine, hehe) 3 under 3.

Monkeys and Tutus is all about that, Misty's life of motherhood to 3 children under 3 years old. Now I have been following her blog long enough to know she does not just blog about her children everyday, but it is fun to see her life in this fun, sometimes crazy, season with young kids.

Misty's dream is to live in Uganda.
Ok, I did not know that! What a dream! Love it Misty.

Find Misty on the blogchillin' on facebookand tweeting on twitter.

Alyssa from Impractical Composition

Some things Alyssa enjoys include:
Crocheting, couponing, watching Teen Mom, anything crafty, volunteering, & haning out with Brandon.

Impractical Composition has got a little bit of everything going on. You can find anything from fashion to DIY and all the wonderful random life happenings that go on.

Alyssa's dream is simple; graduate college and have babies.

Here are just 3 awesome posts to get you started at Impractical Composition:

Find Alyssa on the blogchillin' on facebook, snapping shots on Instagram, and tweeting on twitter.

Joanna from ModaMama

Some things Joanna enjoys include:
Running, taking pictures (of course), acting, & playing nerdy, nerdy computer games.

ModaMama is a fashion blog with random tidbits of the way Joanna sees her life through a perpetual smirk.

Joanna's dream is to
"Sleep for 10 hours straight. Simple goals really, for a Mama and freelancer. though that's less a goal than a wistful remembrance."
Here is a post that would be a good representation of the typical fare you'll find at ModaMama:

Find Joanna on the blogchillin' on facebooksnapping shots on Instagram, and tweeting on twitter.

Carrie from Frugal Foodie Mama

Some things Carrie enjoys include:
Baking, cooking, eating cake batter and cookie dough (while baking of course), cuddling with her baby girl, dancing and being silly with her son, taking photos of everything beautiful, scrapbooking, and attempting to be crafty.

Frugal Foodie Mama is foodie with a little natural parenting throw in for good measure.

Carrie's dream is to travel all over Italy. Oh, and to open a bed & breakfast with my husband in some historic, quaint little town.

Here are a couple of posts to get you started over at Frugal Foodie Mama:

Find Carrie on the blogchillin' on facebook, and tweeting on twitter.

Sylvia from Sweet Pea Sylvie

Some things Sylvia enjoys include:
"Spending time with my amazing family. Going out for coffee and catching up with my mommy friends. I LOVE ballet - I don't dance anymore but I still go to watch the Royal NZ Ballet every season. In fact, I love anything that allows me to be creative! Which is why I blog! (and Instagram etc!)"
Sweet Pea Sylvie is a mixture of family, things Sylvia is learning about life and motherhood, and it's everything in between. 
"I decided that my niche is myself, and I'll blog about anything that inspires me. If other people enjoy reading that then I'm so appreciative and amazed. I think that's been the reason I can connect with so many of my readers <3"
Sylvia has many dreams! Which is awesome, dream on girl!
She has dreams not just for herself, but for her son and her family. She would love to write a book someday. I'll buy a copy!

Here are some "must reads" from Sylvia:
My birth story:

My funny take on my experience with breast feeding:

My love story:

Find Sylvia on the blogchillin' on facebook, and tweeting on twitter.

Amber from Obviously Obsessed

Some things Amber enjoys include:
"Oh gosh, paint my nail, cuddle with my fur babies, hang out with the husband, go to the beach, take pictures of everything."
What to expect from this blog? Random. Everything and anything Amber is obsessed with. If the girl loves it, you'll hear about it. If she hates it, you'll probably hear about it too.

Amber has many dreams! They are all on her 30 by 30 list. 

Here are some "must reads" from Obviously Obsessed: --> This is my 30 before 30 post which I am hoping to get a jump on pretty soon. --> Love this wedding of our friends! --> When my blog hit 300 I hosted my 1st giveaway.

Find Amber on the blogchillin' on facebook, snaping shots for Instagram, and tweeting on twitter.

Tess from The Framed Lady

Tess loves crafting and being with friends, going to the beach, playing her ukulele, laughing & staying up late with my husband! She loves blogging, writing, and traveling. Tess and her husband try to take at least 2 trips per year. 

"My blog is very network-focused. I ask a lot of forum-type questions that get the readers involved. I try to help bloggers find other great blogs, and I host a lot of giveaways. TFL also has a lot of DIY posts, whether they be recipes, crafts, fashion, or personal care tutorials."

Tess's dream right now is to have a big, beautiful house, and be well off financially. She would love to be able to travel whenever her little heart desires

Check out these posts from The Framed Lady:

This is a recipe for Salted Caramel Apple Pie:

This is a recent post with a big announcement:

Find Tess on the blogchillin' on facebook, and tweeting on twitter.

Alyson from Vintage Sunshine
I love to sew & do anything crafty, spend time with my family & friends and hit up awesome antique stores!

"My blog is great mix of lifestyle, family, diy, crafts, fun vintage finds and more."

One of Alyson's dreams is to travel through Europe for a couple of weeks with her family. Sounds amazing!

Here are some great posts from Vintage Sunshine: -Enjoying Today. - It's OUR Life. - Fun Finds

Find Tess on the blogchillin' on facebook, snaping shots on Instagram, and tweeting on twitter.

Helen from Eat. Enjoy. Live.
Helen loves to read, cook, laugh, paint her nails, and craft.

Eat. Enjoy. Live Helen describes as,
"Completely random. A lot like me really. Just a mish mash of everything that makes up my ever so slightly crazy life."
Helen dreams of living in a foreign country teaching English one day.

Some good reads:

Find Tess on the blog and tweeting on twitter.

Paige from Eloping Stethoscope
Some things I love to do, other than blog, is to drive down these country roads where I live with the radio blasting! I also love Wendys, making jewelry, and watching Sons of Anarchy and our other shows with my husband, Cody!

"My blog is an all of the above type of blog, sort of. If I had to market it, I would say a newlywed lifestyle blog. However, since I'm a nursing student, it's more of a nursing newlywed lifestyle blog."

One dream that Paige has always had is to write her own novel.

Check out these posts on Eloping Stethoscope:

Find Paige on the blogchillin' on facebook, snaping shots on Instagram, and tweeting on twitter.

Heidi from Taking the Plunge
Heidi likes to read, blog, play and cuddle with the kiddos, have coffee with her hubs, and lay around & do nothing. (that's the sounds pretty good to me!)

Taking the Plunge is,
"Mommy randomness. I write about the funny things my boys do, what God has been speaking to my heart lately and favorite recipes."

Heidi dreams of traveling! She has been to Mexico and Spain, around Canada and some parts of the US. Her hubby went to El Salvador in April on a missions trip and she would love to go back as a family.

Be sure to check out these posts:

Just Another Day (talking about crazy days and how to end them on a better note) 
What's On My Heart (how can I make church Real?)

Find Heidi on the blog and chillin' on facebook.

MacKensie from MacKensie-art, health, & style
I absolutely adore going to concerts, reading books I can get lost in, cooking something that turns out better than expected and writing.

MacKensie is a lifestyle blog where Mac documents her favorite music, fitness goals, and personal style.

MacKensie's dreams are to travel the world, run a full marathon, and get a book published.

Check out these posts on MacKensie:

This post ( about the way people react to runners on the road is definitely a favorite.

Also, this one ( about what to wear to concerts makes me happy! 

And this one (, however, is my MOST popular post ever.
Find MacKensie on the blogchillin' on facebook, snaping shots on Instagram, and tweeting on twitter.

Pamela from Pamela's Heavenly Treats
I love to bake, cook, write in my journal, listen to praise and worship music and play Wii Michael Jackson Dance with my kiddies!

Pamela's Heavenly Treats is all about healthy treats. Cupcakes and Cookies mainly, but I make other desserts also.

Pamela's dreams:
"We have had our blue prints for our Dream House for 6 years now, we are just waiting for the right time to build, I cant wait until God opens that door!"
Here are some samples of the heavenly yumminess:

Find Pamela on the blog and tweeting on twitter.

Michelle from  La Vida de BlondieChell
Michelle enjoys running, watching her kids do wacky things, reading, and crocheting.

La Vida de BlondieChell is,
"A random account of my crazy life-running adventures, kitchen mishaps, the crazy things my 3 minions do, and whatever else happens mixed with laughter. "I write so that others may laugh"
One of Michelle's dreams is to die while doing something wild and crazy with her brother.

Here are some tid bits from Michelle:

Hill Climb 2012 (BlondieChell's 1st appearance) (

Amber Almost Didn't Turn 4! ( 

To My Fellow Runners & Cyclists... ( 

That Elusive "New Baby" Smell (

Find Michelle on the blog, kickin' it on Facebook, and tweeting on twitter.

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