Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reaching Ethiopia

Last February I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Africa for the third time. I had previously been to Zambia and Zimbabwe, both in the southern part of Africa, but this time I got to visit Ethiopia. Being so close to the Middle East and obviously much farther north than I had previously been, the culture was quite different. I went on this missions trip not really knowing what to expect. Every other missions trip I have been on has been with a larger group of Americans who were doing more traditional ministry. This trip I was among 3 Americans, me being the only girl period, among several Swedes, and many MANY Ethiopians. There were very few English speaking Ethiopians at that, but those from Sweden did know English very well.

The organization I worked with is called the Joshua Campaign. The Joshua Campaign's vision is to allow everyone the opportunity to hear the gospel at least one time.
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