Saturday, September 15, 2012

When you wish upon a star...

I recently made a trip to Target to get this one pair of shoes that I have been longing for, and thank goodness I found them in my size! I was beginning to think they skipped 7.5 because they were no where to be found. But they are all mine now! :D

Anyways, on this trip I was absolutely taken back by how many ADORABLE things that my eyes  feasted on. Seriously, soooo many. So I decided to make my own Target wishlist. I would feel absolutely horrible and selfish to get it all for myself at once, so maybe I can just make this list and over the next couple of weeks/months get the things that I still really love. You know that fading love that I am talking about? If you go home and are still thinking about an item you know it was not just a fling, you are in LOVE! So that's the plan and I wanted to share all of the cuteness with you all today. You're welcome. :)

 This shirt with these pants... oh yes.
 I already have these shoes in 2 other colors/patterns, but 
with this style of shoe it's not too much, right?
 Ahhhhh! Yes, tights... and leg warmers.
 Cute twist to comfy clothes.
 So classy.
Boyfriend style!

Okay, so yes? You like? Me too!


  1. Love that idea. I hope you get to have some of your selections... I vote boots first then jacket.

  2. ugh I know exactly what you mean about the fading love thing-I left some earrings yesterday that I should have just committed to! I was just sitting here trying to find them on ebay but I think Im just going to have to go get them! I love those boots from target-they're on my wishlist too ;)

  3. That polka dot shirt is amazing!

  4. I remember when the flowered pants were in style when I went to school and I loved them. Glad to see they're making a come back.

    I'm your latest GFC follower.

  5. I saw that polka dot shirt today and I almost bought it! But I have issues with buying clothes from Target that are not on sale.

  6. I dig Pic 1 and 2! I haven't been to Target since I went to go hunt down some British makeup.

    I'm 7.5 and I have to say too many stores are ****** that refuse to carry our size! I guess the half is too much, huh? >_<

  7. Hi! I'm following you from the mug swap..which, was so much fun by the way, I can't wait to see everyone linked up! Target is an interesting store. Sometimes you could buy one of everything and sometimes it is all blah! You found some cute stuff though! Happy to be following you! From Jenny @

  8. Hi There, this is Ada from First time commenting here but thank you for stopping by my blog and following.

    Great Fall stuff here, a little bit of 80s but in the 21st century. Love all the colorful leggings and the fun tights and leg-warmers, Unfortunately I cannot wear most of that stuff this Fall/Winter since I am pregnant.

    Well you have a great new week and please stop by when you can and see what I am wearing, lately. Thank you. =)

  9. Newest follower, love your blog, everything is great! I feel like I need to go shopping now :)