Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Wonderful Heather!

You all are in for a special treat today. I mean it! Heather Lawless from Lawless Life is with us today sharing a little about herself and giving away some A-MAZING prizes. I am not kidding! Whoever wins this love package from Heather is going to be queen of the world for a couple of days. Heather has one of the cutest blogs I have seen, seriously you must go give it a look and you will agree. Okay, I will shut up, but I encourage you to get to know Heather, visit her blog, and stick around to enter her giveaway at the end of the post ;) Here's Heather!

Hey Love Muffins....I want to introduce myself. Of course I want to give you a heads up and let you know that I sooooo nervous...I am sweating like no ones business and I feel like I might throw up. Its like I just moved to a new school and I have to stand up in front of the class and introduce myself. Ya'll might judge me or think I am super cray cray. Of course, you are right.Oh, well. Here goes. 

  • I am Heather.
  • My last name is Lawless, hence the name "Lawless Life"
  • No I am not related to Lucy Lawless.
  • I love Jesus. And my Husband. And my kids. And cupcakes. And Shopping.
  • I work at a Non Profit Christian Ministry and I get to save lives, protect families and break cycles every day. Its the best job ever.
  • Today we went to the King Tut Exhibit that has been traveling all over the world....and the whole time they kept talking about King Tutankhamun...I was SO confused because I thought we there to see King Tut's digs...not this Tutankhamun guy. Whoever he is. Then the mister broke the news to me, that King Tut was short for Tutankhamun. Duh.
  • I am SUPER smart. If you couldnt tell already.
  • My husband is super hot, and he works for a place that is SECRET. I cant tell you. Dont ask. If I tell you, you wont like me anymore.
  • No...it doesnt involve anything to do with "Magic Mike" get your mind out of the gutter.
  • Stop thinking about it. really, Stop.Ok, I will tell you......Just kidding. I wont.
  • My love language is gifts...everytime I see a present...my heart starts to beat faster thinking that its for me about the person that will open it and how happy it will make them.
  • I love food. I hate to work out. I am a CG (Chubby Girl)
  • But thats okay...I own it. Plus...I am clothed in strength and dignity...and that fits no matter what size I am. Proverbs 31:25
  • I have been doing hair and makeup prefessionally for over 12 years...and I still do it on the side. I love it.
  • I sell scentsy and Thirty One gifts.
  • I cant tell people no. I over commit myself, then I forget to do things.
I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me, thanks to the lovely Dalayna for hosting this giveaway and letting me introduce myself! Come check out Lawless Life...you might love it. But, no money back gaurantee. Have a fabulous week lovies! 

Isn't she so great, and beautiful! Be sure to go to her blog and get to know more about Heather and her wonderful family. Now here is what Heather is offering to YOU.

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  1. thanks for the share! checking it out now!

  2. Really?!?!?!? You're just going to leave us hanging? No job sharing?!?!?!? So unfair!!!!!

    Visit anytime!
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