Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Best

Here is my outfit to share this week. I was really wanting to share a boyfriend style/relaxed but trendy outfit, but it kind of evolved. 

I love blazers!
The thing I don't love about blazers is that they are so difficult to get the perfect fit. I searched and searched for a blazer, like for real. I was a girl on a mission every time I went shopping there for a while. Finally I found this blazer, which I will admit is not the picture perfect fit, but it was worlds better than all the others I was finding. I have been told that blazers are one item that you usually have to get tailored for them to fit just right. I haven't put that much effort in it, but I believe that is what it will take to reach perfection.

(I figured out after the fact that there was a shadow making some weird things happen to the bottom of my dress!)

Jackson wanted to jump in some pictures too.
The flash was FREAKING him out! 
Blazer: Gap
Dress: Old Navy
Pearls: my great grandma's
Necklace: Francesca's 
Watch: Purse-a-nality
Shoes: Macy's

What style are you working this week? 


  1. It's cute! And so is that pooch of yours :)

  2. super cute! I love blazer with a dress look :) and your sweet pup!

  3. I love your outfit! You are really beautiful:)

  4. UM yes. I LOVE this. I need you around to make me brave again :/

  5. I just bought a black blazer from Urban Outfitters, I risked it and ordered online without trying on, and I was very nicely surprised.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    Karen @

  6. Cute!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  7. I love this look. Thanks for stopping over at my blog. I following you now. Looking forward to following you!