Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hello & goodbye

Today I am saying some happy hellos and some gloomy goodbyes.
We face so many transitions in our lives, some where we get to say hello to new things, new people, and new opportunities. Then we face seasons where it feels like we have to say a lot of goodbyes, to friends, to tradition, to the way things have always been.  But even though we have to say goodbye to some things, it means that we get to say hello to a whole list of other things.
Today I am going to share some hello and goodbyes of my own. I get to say these greetings not because of my own season of change, but because two of my friends’ seasons of change. Happy things first…
Boys! That’s right, my life-long friend gave birth to identical twin boys. Their names are Elliot and Liam. Aren’t they just perfect?

I adore the names that they gave them. Elliot means “The Lord is my God,” and Liam means “desire and helmet, protection,” or if you want to go with the Hebrew root, “my people”. All of you mothers out there know how huge the transition of having a baby is, just think of that multiplied by TWO! Lots of things are changing for my dear friends, especially their 2 year old daughter who is no longer the only child and the center of all attention. I felt like those 9 months would never end (seriously, the women looked like she was going to bust!), but I am very happy the time has come for me to say hello to Elliot & Liam!
Now to the gloomy goodbye. The time has come for me to say goodbye to my dear friend Danielle. She moved off to the beautiful state of Washington and out of the wondrous roasting pot of Oklahoma. Why she would pick beautiful mountains, diverse cities, and glistening beaches over the waving wheat that sure smells sweet when the wind comes right behind the raaaaaaaaaaain… I will never know. (I am joking, obviously)

She is on to a new adventure, a new chapter in her exciting life. I know that even though I will miss her being close by, there are things so great for her in Washington. She believes, and I agree with her, that God has opened the door to a new city for new and greater opportunities that await. She has promised to call home every Sunday. Okay, okay maybe she didn't agree to every Sunday, but I did get her to promise to stay in touch. After going to college where everyone graduates and moves all over the U.S. I have learned how to keep good friends close even with thousands of miles between us.

So there they are, my hello and goodbye. I hope there was no need for tissues in the reading of this post. I cannot say that applies to me because I have a nose that is running rampant! I loath allergies…
Any of you having to say some hellos and good-byes? What transitions are you experiencing? (heart to hearts are good)


  1. Aw, those two boys are adorable! Love those pictures. :)

    - ashley

  2. Missing Danielle my Belle - especially after reading your sweet post. She's kind of delightful.