Thursday, June 14, 2012

that's what I am telling myself....

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Its Ok Thursdays

For real, this could not have come at a better time. So let me just fill you in on the absolute craziness of the last week and a half of my life!
So we are doing some forced remodeling in our house (we had a water leak), but I have decided it was a blessing in disguise. We needed to do the remodeling, the water leak was just a very strong shove in the right direction. But that does not mean it has been easy or in the slightest bit convenient. I have literally been without a room for this whole time. At the beginning I was able to move my bed in and out of my room each night. A hassle yes, but do-able. But when I could no longer do that because of the work they were doing I was room-less. So I got to stay at some friend's house that are out of town. Doesn't sound too bad except I could barely pack a bag because my clothes are literally in a pile. So I lived day to day, sleeping at our friend's house, coming home, and getting ready as best as I could here. Whew! Yes, crazy, but due to this experience (which is nearly over, praise the Lord!!!) I have plenty of "it's okay," phrases that I have been telling myself throughout this whole ordeal. So brace yourself; here we go...

It's okay that you can't leave the house because of the workers, you get extra blogging time.

It's okay that you slept in your make-up because you couldn't find your face wash (or because you were too tired when you did find it)

It's okay you are wearing t-shirts and tennis shoes most of the day, your style will return when you get a closet again.

It's okay you didn't work out... okay no it's not, but stop beating yourself up about it.

It's okay that you are staying up super late "watching" tv, you are getting extra viggle points (if you don't know what viggle is, it is a new app that lets you earn points when you check into tv shows and then you can get rewards with your points. I usually just check in and then do something else. hehe)

It's okay that you STILL have paint in your hair, you are getting a haircut next week.

It is okay that you have visited Starbucks a record number of times in the last week, you have a gold card so you are earning free drinks, that counts for something.

And I can say with all honesty and sincerity, I am so thankful for this remodel. It has been a nightmare in the process, but it is going to be so beautiful!!! 
And I am thankful for a Starbucks within driving distance, it has calmed my nerves many a days. :)

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  1. I wanna try viggle so much but it's not android and my ipod touch is perpetually dead. Your blog is cute :) Nice to meet you!

  2. Ahh, I just reached Gold and I am SO excited! How long does it take to get your card? And does it do anything? Sorry for all the questions haha.

    1. No problem! I never mind talking about Starbucks!! lol
      It actually did take quite a while to get my actual card; much longer than I expected it to. It is really handy depending on what kind of drinks you get. You get free syrupts (so it makes some of your drinks cheaper!), free soy milk substitution, free refills on plain coffee or tea when you are inside the store, and every time you buy 15 drinks they send you a card for a free one. Which is ALWAYS exciting!

  3. Viggle is like free money! Free money! Glad the remodel is almost over and you'll have your house back soon!

  4. great blog you have!

    i am a coffee addict too :)

  5. ok, i never say "its ok" thursdays.. but i love this.. =) i have to link up next time.. and you are a youth pastor? awesome, my sister is too... plus, bonus...i used to live in tulsa! twice!! ;)

    1. Yes! I just found it this week too! I was perfect for me! That is so cool that your sister is a youth pastor! There isn't many of us ladies in the "business" lol, so it is always fun to hear and meet others.

  6. i never SAW.. not say.. haha. that was lame.